Demonstration Report

A. Development of a communication AI
About the location

Location Provider
East Japan Reailway Company
Features of the demonstration site

The "train station" is an important field/location for conducting demonstration in the metropolitan area, supporting the every day lives of citizens not only for going to school and commuting, but for welcoming visitors from both domestic and abroad.
Japan will soon be welcoming a huge number of visitors with the hosting of the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Tokyo will be required to provide multilingual services for visitors from both Japan and from abroad, and the utilization of robots to support the station staffs are being considered to corresponding to this demand.
The train stations will be used by a large number of people and a demonstration for using AI robots to provide a useful, convenient and safe service to the public will be essential.

Past efforts / engazing in social issues to create soeial value

Demand for mobility has been changing dramatically due to changes in our social environment such as population declines and advancements in autonomous driving technology. We have been working to resolve difficult social issues and develop solutions for a new public transportation system through open innovation (mobility reform consourtium) on mobility. Our various approaches include conducting demonstrations on AI guidance and BRT automatic driving, as well as using advanced technology to reduce rush-hour congestion. In the demonstration of Tokyo Robot Collection, we take this opportunity to develop and realize the potential of robot and customer interaction using AI. We expect many people coming to and using the station to meet and talk to these robots so that we can verify the feasibility of robots and humans coexisting at a station in the future.

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