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E. Demonstration of a robot to increase work efficiency of Security and Disaster Response opetations in an Airport

Digital Signage Robot

  • Digital Guardman /
    TEIKEI Co., Ltd.
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    Digital Guardman
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    The Digital Guardman is an independent signage type robot which displays a human-size guardman on its 50 inch touch panel and provides guidance services on various facilities. It also features functions to enable a user to speak with a personnel through an IP interphone and installs a security camera for constant monitoring and anomaly detection by image analysis.
    It is linked with the L-Alert system (conveyence of Disaster Information) and provides evacuation guidance in case of emergencies.

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    Security Industry

Security Robot

  • Virtual Security Guard System, Secom Robot X2 /
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    Virtual Security Guard System
    Secom Robot X2
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    <Virtual Security Guard>
    "Virtual Security Guard" is a virtual character installed with AI which provides stationed security services. A life-size, 3D human character is displayed on a high reflective mirror display. It provides security monitoring, guest reception and other tasks in place of stationed security guards.
    The real-time video images and environmental information captured by the "Virtual Security Guard" is transmitted to the designated monitoring stand(*) in security centers and human security guards will handle specific incidents when necessary. The use of the robot enables efficient staffing and reduces operation costs which leads to increased customers/service users in various industries. This system is desiged to be stationed inside entrance halls of a building. There are two types of "Virtual Security Guards"; a male type named "Mamoru (protect)" and a female type named "Ai (love)" which can be selected depending on the use/purpose.
    (*) In this demonstration, the reflective mirror display will be used and the monitoring stand will not be used.

    <Secom Robot X2>
    "Secom Robot X2" autonomously travels the patrol route in the site and monitors the image at various places with the installed camera while self-localizing with a laser sensor. After patrol, stop at the designated standing point and keep monitoring the surrundigs. An arm with a build- in infrared sensor, thermal image sensor and metal detecor is installed at the top of the robot and that could help detecting inside the trash bins or any suspicious items found on the route.

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    We provide a comprehensive security business, a total system including disaster prevension, medical, insurance, geospatial information services, BPO/ICT and real estate to create and expand businesses in these fields.

  • REBORG-Z /
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    REBORG-Z is an innovative security robot which efficiently enhances the level of security and becoming a solution to the social issue of labor shortage. It features futuristic services which increases added value to facilities and the city itself. REBORG-Z utilizes new technologies including image analysis to save energy for security guards and reduces security costs.

    Security: Development of a Safe and Smart Facility & City
    - Develop a safe infrastructure with security cameras, monitoring and face recognition functions.

    Guidance: Increased service with futuristic signage
    - The robot displays visuals, navigation, ads, notices on various events and language selection on its signage display panel. It also conducts audio guidance and helps to promote the futuristic features of its services.

    Patrol: Unmanned operation helps to complement labor shortage
    - Autonomous driving and autonomous battery charging functions enables unmanned operation. When the robot is under patrol duty, it detects unfamiliar persons, automatically starts camera recording and connects with the building to enable automated transpiration between different floor levels.

    Other features include operating outdoors, infrared ray detection, abnormal sound detection, fire extinguishing functions, gas detection, linking with other facility equipment's, etc. We will continue our challenges for the realization of further labor-saving solutions by utilizing AI and IoT to enhance the interoperability among robots.

    Company Profile

    Ever since its establishment, ALSOK has been the leader of security companies in Japan, constantly striving for the realization of a "safe and secure" society. Our core businesses in security are machine security, stationary security guards, security transportation, and we utilize the experience and know-how into other lines of businesses including nursing/caring, monitoring, building maintenance and construction work, defense, BCP, anti-terrorism, foreign business development. etc. to support companies from multiple aspects. In fields of R&D, ALSOK has been actively committed to developing robots and AI/IoT to developing new security services, corresponding with FinTeck, developing cyber security solutions, etc. as a solution to various social issues.
    Based on the idea that "human resources" is the most important source of corporate activities, we are also focusing on human resource education, and carry out a variety of educational systems and training programs.
    In social contribution activities, we have continued a wide range of activities such as continuous support for the Great East Japan Earthquake and the implementation of "ALSOK Anshin Classroom." ALSOK will always create new value as a business partner to build a foundation that supports the "safe and secure" future.

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