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D. Demonstration of an autonomous and people tracking /following delivery robot

Autonomous Catering Robot

  • EffiBOT, Marble / Up-quality, Inc.
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    Human following robot that stars with a press of a button and can carry a maximum of 300kg of load. The robot identifies the legs of the person whom pressed its start button and smoothly follows the person while detecting and avoiding obstacles. The robot can change its directions without a single touch to the robot.

    Marble is an autonomous carrying robot that runs seamlessly among indoor and outdoor environments. Unlike other outdoor autonomous robots, Marble does not rely on GPS but uses advanced LiDAR(Light Detection and Ranging) and multiple cameras to achieve a highly safe and stable autonomous mobility regardless of weather conditions, sunlight or sudden incidents (such as person/objects jumping in front of cars).

    Company Profile

    Planning and Operation of Agricultural Marketing
    Planning and Operation of various Promotional Activities
    General worker dispatch business
    Fee-charging employment placement business
    Security Business
    Food and beverage sales

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