Demonstration Report

B. Demonstration for Implementing Robotization to an entire city
About the location

Location Provider
Takeshiba Area Management Association
Features of the demonstration site

The Takeshiba district is located near the gateway to Tokyo from both the sky and sea, and a project to develop the city as an international business hub by 2020 is underway, mainly through the "Urban Regeneration Step Up Project" by building a smart-city and smart-buildings in the area.

The TAKESHIBA Seaside Music & Dining is a major event held in the Takeshiba district from 2015 and the 5th event will be held this year The purpose of the event is regional revitalization. In addition to providing live music, dining space(beer garden) and projection mapping, a demonstration of robots will be held everywhere within the venue this year. The event expects approximately 6000 visitors and will become an opportunity to publicize robots to a large number of people.

Past efforts / engazing in social issues to create soeial value

Social Experiments utilizing Advanced Technologies for Future Town/Community Development
Case #1: Remote Experiencing of Tourist Resources of the Ogasawara Village
- Although a ship sails regularly from Takeshiba (Tokyo) to Ogasawara Village, the trip takes 24 hours. In order to overcome this time distance, we have conducted an event that enables people to "see, hear and feel" the wonderful nature of Ogasawara by utilizing advanced robotic technologies.

Case #2: Lighting Event at Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden
- The soft breeze of the wind and autumn color leaves of the Japanese Garden were beautifully lighted up during the evening. An installation using 1,000 windmills were functioning as airflow meter to sense the movement of the wind inside the garden, controlling the real-time lighting of the red leaves. The event gained much attention as "night-time economy" measures and were visited by nearly 10,000 people during the 4 day event.

Case #3: Projection Mapping Event at Takeshiba
- In celebrating the 50th anniversary of the return of Ogasawara Islands to Japan, we have collaborated with Hexogan Japan (having parent company Hexogon Solutions who operates the lighting projects of Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay in Singapore) in a project with the theme of "OGASAWARA 50 COLORS" which synchronizes projection mapping and lighting using more than 20 large-scale projectors having 30,000 lumens to express the beauty of Ogasawara in 50 colors.

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