About the Project

About "Tokyo Robot Collection"

In order to achieve the goal established in attaining the most innovative 2020 Tokyo Olympics,
Tokyo Robot Collection is promoted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The project will take place on various locations/fields in Tokyo where services are being provided, including mobility support (excluding automobile automatic driving systems), security, cleaning, service/reception, etc. Conducting demonstrations of robots that coexists with humans in providing services will lead to developing a new implementation model for addressing Tokyo’s social issues as well as promoting the advanced technologies including robotics.

NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting has been entrusted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government as the Project Promotor for the “Showcasing of Advanced Technology” Project.

Project Concept

The Future is Created
in Tokyo.

Advanced technologies changes the world and creates the future.
A future where everyone lives comfortably and conveniently.
A fun, exciting and happy future.
A future where humans and robots live together, just like in the world of anime.
Tokyo has already begun creating these futures.
It is not easy. Many issues lies ahead with continuous trial and errors
which makes it even more challenging and exciting.
The future is created in Tokyo.
Tokyo creates the future with you.